Michael Kors Mid-Size Bradshaw Chronograph Watch, Silver-Color/Rose Golden

My current watch collection mostly consists of the plain stainless kind (as in all-gold, all-silver, all-black) and ones with vintage leather bands. I already have two MK watches in the collection so I promised myself I will not buy yet another one. I've been looking for something different. Something not quite so plain. Tried browsing online and ended up discovering a watch I really like... and it turned out to be an MK one. Guess I'm breaking my promise about MK; they consistently come up with watch designs that are right up my alley. Looking for this one right now.


I'm saving up for my Rolex Submariner watch after, such as above. I already had my heart set on this one.



 (Zara biker jacket, Zara U-scoop tee, Penguin Jogging pants, Adidas Ransom Vellay 'black' shoes, MK silver watch, Ray-Ban black folding polarized wayfarer sunglasses )

 I thought it was about time I took that biker jacket for a walk and indeed it was great lounging about in it while on a date with my girl. Went shopping, movie-watching, and having delicious savory crepes together. Capped it all off watching a beautiful sunset. It was a perfect day.