I miss being a long haired man and mostly, they called me Samurai. so after this summer or christmas,  I'm growing my hair out. possibly, they will call me the same thing again. ha! ha!


Journey to India was an experience i shall never forget. it opened my eyes to a culture I had never considered before and a way of life very different from my own. I miss and love being there!


I was lost in lookbook.nu, then i started studying about it. and I really don't know how to photoshop these photos, somehow I'm using a photo editing tool, and convert digital photo to analog-like photo. although I'm glad that my sister made them on photoshop for me, so i posted them right away. Hope you guys will hype these looks. thanks!



Started to be a fan of the new balance brand, only this design since I found them comfortable to walk. Luckily, it was a discount of 30% and I got it right away. This pair of shoes definitely have a soft cozy feeling and they feel cuddly on my feet. They totally looks nice in person. Does this look great? Now, I'm looking for a black pair from the made in the USA series, such as "New balance US574".

Just wearing them for at least a week:

(Topman T-shirt, Black jogging pants of FH)

Wore something light and laid back, just to match this. Went out with my parents for Original Penguin. Surprised that my father became to have a liking for that brand and just bought more than 5 polos for himself. he has been a loyal Lactose costumer but it's a good thing to change. I found a nice grey jogging pants from that same store and will post a look anytime soon.

(Casio silver calculator watch and self-made beads bracelets)

(Giordano navy pants, Topman tank top, Forever 21 white shirt)

A couple day after taken the first picture above, got to wear more casual. I slightly opened button-down shirt, wearing tank top underneath and rolling the sleeves and pants. My mind is stuck with something slouchy and a kinda lazy look. I actually quite like it.

I admit to be obsessed with a green tea Frappe and i can't drink it without a nonfat milk, no syrup and of course, with whipped cream but i need to stop... Try it and hope you will like it.

(Spao hoodie, H&M basic tee, Lee Shorts, Muji socks)

Oh! i know It's the slouchy look again because all these styles only match to my mood all week

 I enjoyed having one! At Holly's Coffee.

(Zara scoop tee, Zara slim trousers, Zara summer hat with red ribbon, necklace from Aldo )

I had enjoyed wearing them. hoping to get a black pair soon. I still definitely keep continuing to post more of my looks.



This is really cool but! i don't have to buy it because.... 

I have brown one!
More about it?


happy to finally wear 6-inches boots since I wanted that from Redwing so got feeling bang-up with them.  Possibly will buy another color like a black one.


(Dark blue cardigan of Lacoste, Topman grey cargo pants, and Topman brown boots)

This was messed up and i didn't fix a pair of my pants before taking the shot but It's fine anyways.

(Casio calculator watch)
I'm often wearing this cool watch and it could be easily paired just about to any style of clothes. Worth it and so happening!


(Converse Star Leather Hi, Zara jacket, Waxed pants of FH, and black vest from Industrie)



Taken in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong with my girlfriend. Dr. Martens is back and big like back in 90's. We are really obsessed with it again. 5 pairs and counting.

Love on the beach...



This place in Jaisalmer is one of the best hotel I've slept all over India, even with eyes closed and opened but hell, there was no heater in the morning that I had no choice and quickly taking a shower with freakin' cold water. Whenever i visited the Hindu temple, they'd consistently gave me red string bracelets and I like wearing it with spirituality of Hinduism. Traveling across several countries in a couple years ago is the best year of my life.