(Chili dog and brown butter & Dark chocolate chunk cookie)

I went out for a walk in Fort Bonifacio with my girlfriend Janice in mid-afternoon. talking about burgers all day suddenly made me hungry that was about time to find somewhere nice to eat together. i chose a comfort food restaurant and we visited my friend at work there too at the same time that were definitely perfect to go.

What's on my menu? Chili dog sandwich and Dark chocolate chunk cookie. that hotdog was served to really melt in my mouth without rushing. Basically, I was told to chew it slowly as enjoyed so long and better. It tastes pretty awesome but then, I lost control and devoured it ha! ha!, especially with seemingly good quality chili. Surprisingly, my friend gave us a dessert after as it technically served last. Oh! that's so nice of her. I love that part of the day the most. However, I discovered there's a really good menu selection and i will definitely go back to try out other dishes. I'll post anytime. :-)

2nd's Restaurant
Quadrant 3, Bonifacio High Street
9th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City
Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines



Last Thursday night. I changed my usual hair to fix something different but i grabbed a wet look product without testing. It came out really nice. I stumbled on a biker jacket instead of a suit that was a good idea to match for a wet look hair.

I was really late for my exhibition and a fashion show (at Resort World), even though i wasn't just in a hurry that i had to take my girlfriend and then arrived there. Nothing happened. there's so long hours we had to stay around but they asked me to be out of that place with them for beer. Yeah! I was so much easy to join them. but i didn't get really drunk though it was actually so much fun.

 (Zara Biker jacket, Zara Harem pants, Zara U-scoop tee, Vans Old Skool shoes)



Admittedly, I'm really a sucker for socks. Uniqlo socks are awesome for an affordable price, good quality basics in nice colors. I bought them that are definitely useful and snug. wearing American Apparel stripe calf-high socks are very exciting to wear. but I don't use them much for the reason that I've been really doting on them. lol! i will wear them for posting sooner or later. Not never, I promise.  I'm using this Vans a lot because it's of course, good for pairing with any color calf-high socks

As for every men, they are wearing a different style of socks to show off that impresses me because there's nothing more like socks and it's a key fashion accessories that provides the modern men with many benefits.
 (American Apparel Stripe Calf-High Socks, UNIQLO socks and Socks from Hongdae, Seoul)



I was goofing around during photoshoot. Nobody complains. Obviously I was super excited to work on a menswear project. Of course, dude.

Photographer: Ace Dela Pena
Model: Jay Jackson at Elite Manila
Stylists: Karen Umaly, Dawn Sanchez, Jam Sy,
Daniella Jose, & Christine Tantongco
from The Fashion Institute of the Philippines
H&M: Rxandy Capinpin



I've started learning Photoshop a month ago. It was really frigging hard at first and I got lost. Surprisingly, I'd been finishing only two pictures all day and all night that drove me crazy like a storm ragging in my head. Now I finally made it. Whew!

Photographer: Ace Dela Pena
Stylists: Jessi Gomez, Justine Pe, Trizia Lim,
Sophia Tillmannn, Marco Malaca, 
Rachele Tan and Jam
From The Fashion Institute of The Philippines
Model: Nikita McElroy
MUA: Ms. Katchie Mejias
Hair Stylist: Divad Medina


 (Zara Shirt, Zara Knitwear, Zara Pants, Zara scarf, Rusty Lopez Suede Ankle Boots, Tough Leather Backpack)

Taken in Otaru, Hokkaido, Japan last may. that place was one of my favorite places to visit in Japan and perfect for you to be calmed. I've been stayed at hotel in Sapporo which takes 30-40 minutes away by bus. Hokkaido is famous for milk, hairy crab, good ramen, and good sushi too, over all Japan.