Taken with Limon. :-D

(MK gold watch, Socks from mind bridge, Topman Shorts, beanie and sweater from H&M, and Vans italian leather authentic )

Decided to let my mood dictate my style today and felt like sauntering around in my Vans, skaterboi-style, lol. I'm definitely not used to donning this kind of outfit, but it's kind of fun. Got me to thinking that getting another pair of Vans wouldn't be such a bad idea so I browsed through the online catalog and finally boiled down to three choices. Still can't decide which one to get.

I probably choose this. 


This has 3 color choices. I might choose red and this black one.

 I do think black suede is one of the most attractive fabrics to cover your feet with. Whenever I wear my black suede shoes, I'd notice people lingering their gazes on them.
Been looking for a pair of all-back Vans for a long time to add to my growing collection of black shoes and bags. Of all the color choices for a particular design, I would always pick either the black or brown (especially for leather) one. Most of my stuff are either brown or black since they are, of course, easier to integrate into most getups.



I'm still looking for formal harem pants, Lauren Ralph crew tee with logo, and Black U-neck pocket tee. I found them on Asos.com. I'm not sure about online shopping. i think it's not safe. maybe? Obviously I've never experienced about it . I'll try.  


(Zara summer shirt, Frédérique Constant leather watch, Zara slim trouser, Topman boots, and Zara hat)

This dog in the picture with me right here, named Limón



 Honestly, Friday is always the worst day of week for me because it always ruins my time, especially traffic, too crowded people everywhere outside but this Friday is totally different in a good way. it kinda uplifted my mood. My girlfriend took me out for a swim, which is 3 hours drive away from our home. the weather is perfect! Enjoyed cooking out, eating, holding hands, walking along the beach, and swimming. I want to go back again! As the possibility, there's next time.

What a wonderful Friday!



(Zara black hat, Industrie tank top, Zara black waxed pants, and Angel Clover watch)

I'm always wearing monochromatic outfits. obviously a sucker for, especially black 'cause it's actually simple, and attractive. paying more attention to it. I have been looking for quite some time for a pair of formal harem pants, of course black so I would wear it with a biker coat. I actually like it but i have to wait 3 months for a trip to japan, looking for them. Probably continuing to post more of other all black outfits. Hey, it's not just more than colors or something. Ha! ha!

Happy New Weeekend!



(Forever21 Cardigan, Topman washed skinny jeans and Vans)

I tried to wear something new, nothing underneath this cardigan. to make this look stand out without tank top and any tee.



(Blue plush blazer, Deep V-neck tee, H&M Grey jogging pants, Black Vans Authentic, Gold MK watch)

I utterly like wearing jogging pants with top something fancy. that would be good for somewhere relaxing on a special day with your partner. the blazer is one of my favorite thing about wearing with confidence.  



I admirably learned from Josh Beech who has tattooed a mustache on his finger. I actually like it but there's many reasons, i can't have one. Drawing it on mine is in desperate need of mustache. Lol!



 (Zara T-shirt, Zara electric blue resin effect skinny trouser,  and Zara suede ankle boots )

Messing with my hair and Having it look different every nano sec. ha! ha! Honestly I haven't slept that much and i only got one hour of sleep this morning. I ended up applying for a Japan Visa with my girlfriend and her lovely sisters. We will get it the week after next. crossing fingers! 'cause I've heard it said that it can be hard to get a visa sometimes.

I'm always throwing on something very basic and simple. if I'm rushing out of home (late). It would be easy and nice to wear any like this look or neutral outfit.

feeling woozy. I'm gonna back to sleep any minute now. Happy Weekend!



 (Zara hoodie, H&M tank top, Zara belt, Topman trouser, Nike navy cortez)

What's wrong with my shoulders in this picture? Anyway, At Starbucks just having some frappe with my friends.

I'm actually fond of this vintage sunglasses like RayBan. I have Folding Wayfarer in tortoise, Aviator, and Tortoise Clubmaster. A few hours ago, I finally bought the black one as I wanted it for a long time.

I can't wait for the sun wearing this new sunglasses. Lol!



Pulled all the belts out of my closet a few hours ago. Thought it's about time I organize them as digging like a goddamn dog for a particular belt everyday through the uncontrollable chaos that is my closet is getting a little old. Of course I could make my life easier and buy a belt rack, but I remembered buying a vintage box sometime ago, one specifically designed for belt storage, which I did not use after I bought it because it seemed like such a hassle to roll belts up and put them back in every time after use. Decided this kind of hassle is not really that much compared to the daily closet digging so I finally got the box out from under my desk and dumped all the belts in.

As you can see, most of my belts are either brown or black. I usually buy them in those colors because they are, of course, easier to wear with most kinds of getups than with brightly colored ones. I wouldn't be averse to wearing bright ones, though; they would definitely look awesome paired with two neutral articles or dark monochromatic outfits for that contrasting impact. Speaking of neutrals, I'm thinking of getting a reversible belt with white on one side and black on the other, Something like this.

And that's all for belts. I love them. With the right one, it's easy to tastefully jazz up an outfit in an instant.



 (Spao cardigan, Topman jeans, and Sebago black dockside)

I'm totally fixated on cardigans and there is nothing else like a cardigan to me. if it's done in a tasteful way so, I was really stoked to wear it. I wasn't sure about this brown color one so I went ahead with it. Not bad! sort of classic and I like it. I supposed not to use this new dockside and just keep it for later but both of them were my mood in that day.

(credits by Bronson Escalderon)

Happy Sunday! Hope you have a relaxing fun filled day.



Unexpectedly, I didn't check the time after midnight that I was trying them on myself pairing with some clothes, and the sunrise came, I suddenly raced against time to organize them that I needed to sleep. Incidentally, I find myself buying tons of shoes these day, worse than before and...i've been influenced by my sweetheart. I need more shoe rack space in my room and more boxes, therefore i need to stop and she needs me to stop too. Lol!



(H&M 80's tank top, Topman blue shorts, Topman Hoodie)

Went out with my girl for a quick shopping and had a delicious Samgyupsal.

End the day with green tea drinks at Starbucks.


Grabbed a magazine and found this look. I utterly like it.




(Sebago black docksides, Penguin jogging pants, Zara summer hat, Zara circular suit trouser, Zara suede ankle boots, Zara grey slim trousers and Beige too, Zara brogue wedge, Zara T-shirt with pocket and Zara trouser with elasticated hems)
I seem to be doing more shopping these days and there's always a reason it's on sale anywhere here after January. I just bought some sale items right away, not only taking all items because of sale, although, I took most regular priced items. likely you can't wait until the sale or regret later because It sometimes can be unpredictable and it's like a game. there's only one question you should ask yourself. the price matters or doesn't matter to anyone who considers...