Admittedly, I'm really a sucker for socks. Uniqlo socks are awesome for an affordable price, good quality basics in nice colors. I bought them that are definitely useful and snug. wearing American Apparel stripe calf-high socks are very exciting to wear. but I don't use them much for the reason that I've been really doting on them. lol! i will wear them for posting sooner or later. Not never, I promise.  I'm using this Vans a lot because it's of course, good for pairing with any color calf-high socks

As for every men, they are wearing a different style of socks to show off that impresses me because there's nothing more like socks and it's a key fashion accessories that provides the modern men with many benefits.
 (American Apparel Stripe Calf-High Socks, UNIQLO socks and Socks from Hongdae, Seoul)

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