Started to be a fan of the new balance brand, only this design since I found them comfortable to walk. Luckily, it was a discount of 30% and I got it right away. This pair of shoes definitely have a soft cozy feeling and they feel cuddly on my feet. They totally looks nice in person. Does this look great? Now, I'm looking for a black pair from the made in the USA series, such as "New balance US574".

Just wearing them for at least a week:

(Topman T-shirt, Black jogging pants of FH)

Wore something light and laid back, just to match this. Went out with my parents for Original Penguin. Surprised that my father became to have a liking for that brand and just bought more than 5 polos for himself. he has been a loyal Lactose costumer but it's a good thing to change. I found a nice grey jogging pants from that same store and will post a look anytime soon.

(Casio silver calculator watch and self-made beads bracelets)

(Giordano navy pants, Topman tank top, Forever 21 white shirt)

A couple day after taken the first picture above, got to wear more casual. I slightly opened button-down shirt, wearing tank top underneath and rolling the sleeves and pants. My mind is stuck with something slouchy and a kinda lazy look. I actually quite like it.

I admit to be obsessed with a green tea Frappe and i can't drink it without a nonfat milk, no syrup and of course, with whipped cream but i need to stop... Try it and hope you will like it.

(Spao hoodie, H&M basic tee, Lee Shorts, Muji socks)

Oh! i know It's the slouchy look again because all these styles only match to my mood all week

 I enjoyed having one! At Holly's Coffee.

(Zara scoop tee, Zara slim trousers, Zara summer hat with red ribbon, necklace from Aldo )

I had enjoyed wearing them. hoping to get a black pair soon. I still definitely keep continuing to post more of my looks.