Pulled all the belts out of my closet a few hours ago. Thought it's about time I organize them as digging like a goddamn dog for a particular belt everyday through the uncontrollable chaos that is my closet is getting a little old. Of course I could make my life easier and buy a belt rack, but I remembered buying a vintage box sometime ago, one specifically designed for belt storage, which I did not use after I bought it because it seemed like such a hassle to roll belts up and put them back in every time after use. Decided this kind of hassle is not really that much compared to the daily closet digging so I finally got the box out from under my desk and dumped all the belts in.

As you can see, most of my belts are either brown or black. I usually buy them in those colors because they are, of course, easier to wear with most kinds of getups than with brightly colored ones. I wouldn't be averse to wearing bright ones, though; they would definitely look awesome paired with two neutral articles or dark monochromatic outfits for that contrasting impact. Speaking of neutrals, I'm thinking of getting a reversible belt with white on one side and black on the other, Something like this.

And that's all for belts. I love them. With the right one, it's easy to tastefully jazz up an outfit in an instant.

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