Taken with Limon. :-D

(MK gold watch, Socks from mind bridge, Topman Shorts, beanie and sweater from H&M, and Vans italian leather authentic )

Decided to let my mood dictate my style today and felt like sauntering around in my Vans, skaterboi-style, lol. I'm definitely not used to donning this kind of outfit, but it's kind of fun. Got me to thinking that getting another pair of Vans wouldn't be such a bad idea so I browsed through the online catalog and finally boiled down to three choices. Still can't decide which one to get.

I probably choose this. 


This has 3 color choices. I might choose red and this black one.

 I do think black suede is one of the most attractive fabrics to cover your feet with. Whenever I wear my black suede shoes, I'd notice people lingering their gazes on them.
Been looking for a pair of all-back Vans for a long time to add to my growing collection of black shoes and bags. Of all the color choices for a particular design, I would always pick either the black or brown (especially for leather) one. Most of my stuff are either brown or black since they are, of course, easier to integrate into most getups.


  1. I love this style on men / boys. I find it amazing. Sorry for my English! I'm from Czech Republic. (some from Austria) One hundred percent I'll watch over bloglovin. bye

  2. your English is good. thanks, sweet Steffi. I visit your blog. even you had nice pictures.