(Osmo Corruptor, and Faddy Mush 'n' Hold)

I bought them at Watsons drug store, Mall of Asia which has almost 60 percents of all products imported more than other branches.

It's not the first time I've mixed some different products. I've been still doing that for ages. Now, as I'd show you about these products here which i had to try this experiment.

How to do: Just scrape out two small amounts of Osmo Corruptor (kinda greasy) and one small amount of Faddy one (strong hold) to mix together well in the palm of your hand and rub to make sure that your hair won't get too oily and too hard.

When your hair is halfway wet, get to style it with the mixture and just scrunch that keeps it tousled unless you're losing waves.

 Done! and just leave your wet hair alone that has a nice wave going. but you can reshape when it's dry. It has turned out shiny and volumized. I actually like it though. Nothing fails. I promise.

P.S. It won't get damaged from the mixture. Don't worry, dude.

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