This simple outfit would be awesome paired with a fedora and the gold ring is so amazing! This ring reminds me that i have to look for a gold class ring with a red gemstone.

Robert Pattinson's maroon Gucci suit. IMO, the best dressing-up-for-Hollywood suit ever! This is what I've been looking for a long time. Probably will have one made if I can't find a similar suit! Instead of the traditional black tuxedo, I'm planning to suit up in this for my future wedding. It would be an absolutely cool look for a bridegroom with my best men all wearing the requisite black instead. Lends a very unique atmosphere to the wedding, methinks. Clearly, i don't mind breaking traditions. 

...Or maybe a white suit. It would be awesome for a beach wedding. I do like simple looks like this.


I discovered an apple green oxford skinny suit. this is stunning! I'll be looking for it.

Lately, I've started pairing my shorts with boots, the socks showing above them. I love how they go together. They make my world feel different.


  1. Nice outfits buddy. Simple and classy, i love the mint one!

    Un abrazo,


    1. People loves elegance and simplicity. you have a great taste too.

      Cheers, bro.