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This is how I pack up and organize.

If i find occasionally I don't have enough luggage space for all traveling clothes then fret not. and in case, i need to have an extra big empty bag and to save a space inside for shopping or whatever.

As you see, I have lots of travel packs and a toiletry kit because it would be really well-organized and easier for you to re-pack. I start off by laying out all of the outfits for each day as I have only 15 tops, 6 bottoms, 3 shoes inside my luggage. I don't want to carry too heavy. However, I get the underwears, scarves, pajamas and socks together in the same pack. I have no problem with this!

 Departing tomorrow afternoon. I will be traveling for 42 days as a trip to Japan, more than 2 weeks, then South Korea, staying there for almost 3 weeks. I'm a bit worried that i have to find a Fukuoka-Busan one-way ticket on the ferry at once when I arrive in Japan. They don't really have any online booking (from Japan to South Korea) in the Philippines. I've only booked Manila-Osaka and Seoul-Manila but I'm very excited! and meet my good friends there.

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