It reminds of Johnny Depp. He could be an Asian version of Johnny Depp. I like his style. His suspender is perfect! It looks more than 90's. I actually like it. I've been through seeing most Japanese people love a vintage and keeping them for their lives. A lot of  thrift in Harajuku, Shibuya, and more places you can find but still pretty expensive for thrift. I'm not really fond of thrift, though. but i'd just love to see them. There are a heap of acid wash jeans (i want it so bad), 80's retro, 90's and more than you think. talking about this topic makes me wanna go back there. Especially, foods too. I grabbed these from Monsieurjerome.

This, one of the coolest watches I've discovered. Such a killer one. It's Hublot. who says most of men love this brand who drives their Ferrari, Porsche or etc. I'm not too fond of any extreme luxury cars it sometimes sucks. In my opinion, quality is more important. 

Guy in black on the right. His outfit is my crush. i got this from streetfsn.

Man-with-great-sense-of-style drives Jeep Wrangler Freedom Edition that blows my mind. I'm finally allowed to drive since my father changed his mind but I'm not still good at it yet. now planning to enroll, maybe this week. I hate being with a driver when i have to worry. If i finally drive. Probably, sometimes I'll get lazy to drive. I'm a quarter of a century old, too old to learn but i hate to feel like a teenager though.

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