Admittedly, I'm really a sucker for socks. Uniqlo socks are awesome for an affordable price, good quality basics in nice colors. I bought them that are definitely useful and snug. wearing American Apparel stripe calf-high socks are very exciting to wear. but I don't use them much for the reason that I've been really doting on them. lol! i will wear them for posting sooner or later. Not never, I promise.  I'm using this Vans a lot because it's of course, good for pairing with any color calf-high socks

As for every men, they are wearing a different style of socks to show off that impresses me because there's nothing more like socks and it's a key fashion accessories that provides the modern men with many benefits.
 (American Apparel Stripe Calf-High Socks, UNIQLO socks and Socks from Hongdae, Seoul)



I was goofing around during photoshoot. Nobody complains. Obviously I was super excited to work on a menswear project. Of course, dude.

Photographer: Ace Dela Pena
Model: Jay Jackson at Elite Manila
Stylists: Karen Umaly, Dawn Sanchez, Jam Sy,
Daniella Jose, & Christine Tantongco
from The Fashion Institute of the Philippines
H&M: Rxandy Capinpin



I've started learning Photoshop a month ago. It was really frigging hard at first and I got lost. Surprisingly, I'd been finishing only two pictures all day and all night that drove me crazy like a storm ragging in my head. Now I finally made it. Whew!

Photographer: Ace Dela Pena
Stylists: Jessi Gomez, Justine Pe, Trizia Lim,
Sophia Tillmannn, Marco Malaca, 
Rachele Tan and Jam
From The Fashion Institute of The Philippines
Model: Nikita McElroy
MUA: Ms. Katchie Mejias
Hair Stylist: Divad Medina


 (Zara Shirt, Zara Knitwear, Zara Pants, Zara scarf, Rusty Lopez Suede Ankle Boots, Tough Leather Backpack)

Taken in Otaru, Hokkaido, Japan last may. that place was one of my favorite places to visit in Japan and perfect for you to be calmed. I've been stayed at hotel in Sapporo which takes 30-40 minutes away by bus. Hokkaido is famous for milk, hairy crab, good ramen, and good sushi too, over all Japan.



(Osmo Corruptor, and Faddy Mush 'n' Hold)

I bought them at Watsons drug store, Mall of Asia which has almost 60 percents of all products imported more than other branches.

It's not the first time I've mixed some different products. I've been still doing that for ages. Now, as I'd show you about these products here which i had to try this experiment.

How to do: Just scrape out two small amounts of Osmo Corruptor (kinda greasy) and one small amount of Faddy one (strong hold) to mix together well in the palm of your hand and rub to make sure that your hair won't get too oily and too hard.

When your hair is halfway wet, get to style it with the mixture and just scrunch that keeps it tousled unless you're losing waves.

 Done! and just leave your wet hair alone that has a nice wave going. but you can reshape when it's dry. It has turned out shiny and volumized. I actually like it though. Nothing fails. I promise.

P.S. It won't get damaged from the mixture. Don't worry, dude.


CqEwdl on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

 Having an amazing weekend with my beautiful girlfriend and my bed partner Bear-o.



 (Bodyshop Smoothing Night Cream)

I'm using this product every night that keeps my skin moisturized to make less wrinkles. For around my age, I've started using anti-wrinkle cream a couple of years ago but it's good. Everyone has to do who cares too. I'm mostly using Olay Total Effect 7-in-1 ant-aging moisturizer as a day cream.

(Kiehl's Abyssie Eye cream)

It reduces puffiness and signs of fatigue. I can't use it during the day but using it at night. ensures that you wake up with smooth bright skin under your eyes.

 (Fudge Hot Hed)

If you are paranoid about getting your hair damaged, use this good heat protecting hair mousse as much as  you feel safe. Even though my hair isn't damaged, I'm still using it. because, since it has turned out that actually, it got puffy and volumized.

 (Shiseido UNO Hair styling cream, Shiseido UNO Super smooth mousse, Lucido Hair cream)

 I bought them in Japan. In fact, I love buying random Japanese hair products. Affordable.

Hair cream is important to moisturize your hair to keep it soft and manageable. It really helps that may be easier to fix it with wax after using some cream as much as effortless.

(Gatsby Moving rubbes: Spikey Edge, Air Rise, Loose Shuffle, Wild shake. Bedhead "Hard to get" Texturing paste, Bedhead Head Stick, Osmo Shaper maker, Osmo Corruptor, Gatsby Moving rubber Multi-Form)

Gatsby Milt-Form, and Osmo Corruptor are the flexible styling products i definitely recommend that you can style different looks every sec. Not too oily! Not too dry! a firm hold! I like them the most. I've been using that kind of styling product for years. FUDGE brand has some good one too.

Shiseido UNO Fog bar "the first spray on wax"

It is used for long hair cuts for that nice natural wavy look that stays on all day! but sometimes, I use to finish off with a little bit of hairspray as the last step.

 Here are a few of my personal tips for wavy hair: First off, After a shower, I scrunch my wet hair with some hair cream then dry blow while you hold it as open fingers that makes sure to let air pass through. When halfway dry, get some flexible styling products to apply and style it by crumpling. Do the job with fingers all the times. I've not used a comb much for ages.

Good luck if you try. :-D



(Dreamy Logo Neoprene 15" Computer Case by Marc Jacob)

I think it's too cool for some cases. It has featured a faux-fur lined interior. I was not sure about the size and they didn't have black items i want. I had a hard time thinking of getting this one as the last in-stock item for me. I decided to bought it but a little disappointed lately...it's too big for my mac size. it was 13".  Oh well! but you can fill it tight with some things as whatever you need, that could fit inside. It's worth. I guess. :-)



 (Zara sunglasses, Topman Sweater, Cotton On shorts, Zara sandals, Zara handbag)

I made an effort to stay out of manila with my friends for a long week just to have fun. It was really a lot of fun but wicked! We supposed not to do most during Holy Week. I knew every people need to sneak out like us. LOL!

I haven't posted my outfits for more than two months. Sorry. I've been prioritizing to do for school. but since sometimes it's just more convenient to post on my instagram. I decided to share some memories with you. You can follow me in order to get all shot updates by finding my username "acedelapena". Oh! if you don't have one, just follow me on twitter which i mostly share my photos too.